Small Things Big Dreams Spotlight Feat. Benda K.

As we said in the last newsletter we are planning to feature some of you, our customers, creations and give you an opportunity to link to you businesses, websites, and social media accounts. We have a very talented and creative woman to present today for our very 1st Small Things Big Dreams Spotlight! First we will share a couple pictures of her creations , then some words from Brenda herself describing her background as a miniaturist followed by a couple more pictures.

From Brenda:

For as long as I can remember, I have been intrigued and fascinated by miniatures. I would stand in front of the glass cabinets at the toy store staring at them when I was a child. I also collected miniature items like pencils, boxes, etc. I guess I get it from my Dad. He used to build model cars and built an entire miniature train station when my siblings and I were little people.
I built my first dollhouse in my late twenties. I worked on it every evening after work. Most of my miniature projects have been for my own enjoyment. I have also gifted a few of my creations. 
My husband and I are makers. I have an art background and have worked in marketing and some product development during my career. My husband is a musician and wood turner and has helped me with a few items for my current project. He hand turned a beautiful miniature pedestal table from walnut wood for my miniature retail space I am creating. I am smitten with it!
I really enjoy creating miniatures and find it very relaxing. I recently decided to start selling some items. I am currently in the process of opening my Etsy shop. It will open under the name Downsizing Miniatures and will feature a variety of miniatures in 1:12 scale. I hope you will visit! (
Thank you for reading a little about me. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting some of you in the future.
All the best and happy creating, fellow miniaturists!


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  • Donna

    Amazing work!

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