MiniatureCrush Rewards Program

Introducing MiniatureCrush Rewards

As a visitor to this website and a loyal customer, we want to reward you for your purchases and engagements with our website, so we have been working over the past several months to put together program for you to receive points you can use for discounts and specials. After planning, designing and building the program, we are introducing our MiniatureCrush rewards just in time for the 2022 Holiday Season and starting you with a minimum of 200 points. If you have an account you will have 200 or more points when you log in. If you don’t have an account, you will get those 200 points when you create an account.

How it works:

You’ll find a MiniatureCrush Rewards Launcher on the bottom left corner of our website:

To open the Rewards Launcher click the button:

If you are not logged into your account or if you have not yet created an account, it will look like this:

If you do not yet have an account, sign up by clicking here:

If you have an account, sign in by clicking here:

Once you are signed in, click the reward button again and your name and point total will show at the top:

You can find out how to earn points by clicking the Earning Points button:

You can earn points the following ways:

  • Creating an account - 200 Points

  • Celebrate Your Birthday - 100 Points

  • Make a Purchase - 1 Point for every 1$ spent

  • Write a Review - 5 Points

  • Upload a Photo to a Review - 10 Points

You can Redeem your points by clicking the Redeem Points button:

You can Redeem your points for the following Rewards:

  • 10% off discount - 200 Points

  • $5 off discount - 500 Points

  • $10 off discount - 950 Points

  • $20 off discount - 1800 Points

When you click the Redeem button you will get a coupon code you can use one time a checkout. We will also send you the coupon code to your email. Please note the 5,10,20$ discounts apply only to purchases of 20$ or more.


You can also get a 5$ off coupon code for referring a friend when you use the link in the reward launcher and your friend will get a 10% discount code. You can send the link to your friends via the social buttons below the link.

  • Whatsapp

  • Facebook Messager

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Email

Or you can just copy the link and send it via another method:

We really hope you enjoy our new MiniatureCrush Rewards program and we appreciate your ideas, input, and feedback.


  • Holly Carson Wade

    Want to use a coupon for my next order but am having trouble getting one. When I click on available coupons nothing happens.

  • I have an account.

    I was very pleased to find Miniature Crush. I did place two orders. Received the first order, second order is in transit. I purchased dollhouse from a friend, because her daughter did not like dolls, like her mother does. She and her husband had the house built, and it was in storage for over 20 years. It is huge, so it in sitting in our cold garage. When it starts to warm up a bit, my husband and I will be repairing, sanding, primingI started building and decorating miniature dollhouses in 2010. I am really looking forward

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